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Scholarship for Students from Ukraine

We have received a lot of applications from Ukrainian families and we want to make sure that we process them as thoroughly as possible. At this stage, we have to pause accepting new applications.

We are seeking donations to expand our scholarship fund and if you know people or organizations willing to support our efforts please see our fundraising page.

If you are a parent interested in this scholarship opportunity please subscribe to our mailing list and we will notify you as soon as we resume accepting applications.

We have allocated a number of the Le Sallay Academy scholarships to families that had to leave Ukraine.

If you have resided in Ukraine and are now displaced, your child can receive a scholarship covering part of Le Sallay Academy's tuition, provided that they are:

  • between 10 and 14 years of age
  • fluent in English (English level of at least B2).

We have paused accepting applications for this scholarship, because we need time to process all the applications we have received.

About Le Sallay Academy

Le Sallay Academy is a private independent school that follows a blended learning model, combining in-person sessions in France with online sessions taught by teachers in interactive virtual classrooms. Each of the trimesters opens with a three-week in-person session during which students and teachers meet in Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy. Following these sessions, students spend two months learning online with their teachers and classmates. We have students from 10 European countries and the United States. Our graduates are admitted to the selective high schools of their choice. To learn more about our unique approach and our international team please see other sections of this website.