Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide every student with an opportunity to develop their skills and learn to the best of their ability. With individualized guidance, pioneering practices, and continuous exploration, we help students get inspired and challenge them to grow.

Our Aims

  • Creating an inclusive atmosphere aimed at making the most of students’ abilities.
  • Developing a strong motivation to study and providing a high level of interest and knowledge in a wide range of subjects. 
  • Preparing all students for exams at the end of secondary (middle) school (ISEE, SSAT, GCSE, or national analogues).

 Our Values

Our approach to education is based on several key values that help our students to become responsible leaders of a global and diverse community.  

  • Conceptual thinking

In every subject, we help our students to see connections between occurrences and explore different ways of describing these connections.  

  • Independent thinking 

Critical thought and independent reasoning grant the ability and confidence to make sound decisions without reference to groupthink. This important ability allows students to withstand manipulation, fake news, and propaganda.

  • Creativity 

Creativity helps students find new solutions and remove the limits imposed by the fear of making a mistake.  

  • Skills Mastery

We emphasize the development of soft skills ranging from academic (essay writing) to social and emotional (social skills, self-presentation, and other). 

  • Personalized learning 

We want each of our students to achieve their personal best taking into account their needs and goals. At the start of each year, we develop a learning and skills mastery path for each student. 

  • Diversity and inclusion 

Students from all over the world attend our school. We strive to recognize cultural and individual differences and to move students from acceptance to appreciation of these differences.

In a nutshell: we want students to develop a love of life long learning and become independent thinkers. 

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