Mission & Values

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide every student with an opportunity to develop their skills and learn to the best of their ability. With individualized guidance, pioneering practices, and continuous exploration, we help students get inspired and challenge them to grow.

Our Aims

  • To create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that draws on students’ strengths and helps them reach their potential.
  • To cultivate students’ love of learning.
  • To prepare students for success in the next stage of their educational career.
Our Values
Our approach to education is based on several key values that help our students to become responsible leaders of a global and diverse community.

  • Conceptual thinking
In every subject, we help our students to see connections between discrete events and to explore different ways of describing these connections.

  • Independent thinking
We help our students to develop the ability and confidence to make independent decisions based on critical evaluation of sources and arguments.

  • Creativity
We encourage students to explore unconventional ways of solving problems and to learn from rather than fear failure.

  • Skills Mastery
We emphasize the development of soft skills ranging from academic (essay writing) to social and emotional (social skills, self-presentation, and other).

  • Personalized learning
Through a personalized learning and skills mastery plan focused on each student’s interests, needs, and goals, we help each of our students to achieve their personal best.

  • Diversity and inclusion
We help students appreciate cultural and individual differences among their peers and in the larger world, and to be successful when living and learning with those of different backgrounds.
We want students to develop a love of lifelong learning and become independent thinkers.