Welcome to Le Sallay Academy

Sallay International Academy is a blended learning middle school for children aged 10-14. We offer 3-week in-person sessions in France alternating with 8 week online sessions in our interactive virtual classrooms. Our school is quarantine-proof!

We have a well-established system of online learning in place and an international team of highly-qualified teachers fluent in virtual education. Our academically advanced curriculum and personalized learning plans help students stay motivated and challenge them to grow.

We are an inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs, academically gifted, and 2e learners. To learn more about our approach to teaching please watch the Virtual Open House

About Us Our school is a great fit for

Students who feel disengaged in their schools

  • Our academically-rigorous programs are tailored for your child’s needs to help them rediscover the love of learning.

Middle schoolers who feel like they don’t fit in

  • We focus on socialization and include activities built to encourage meaningful relationships. 

Students with diverse learning needs

  • Children with ADHD/ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as twice-exceptional (and gifted) kids, are often insufficiently supported within a "traditional" setting. Our inclusive approach includes differentiated study plans and support of certified educators and psychologists.

Expats and travelers

  • Wherever your family is, your child can continue their studies with us. For most countries, we guarantee that our students will be able to pass their national exams.

How our school works

Our innovative approach combines synchronous distance learning with intensive in-person study sessions. Your child will study from home for a total of six months — but will travel to three week-long sessions in France four times a year. Distance learning includes 5-6 interactive classes a day. Each class has 3-6 students and every student has a personalized learning plan. 

In-person sessions at the Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy bring all the students together. These sessions combine classes with games and activities aimed at helping students develop their social skills. Our mentors and psychologists work with students throughout the year to oversee socio-emotional development and foster positive classroom experience.

As a student, why should I choose Le Sallay Academy?

Are you often bored at school?

With us, you’ll learn to enjoy learning new things. We’ll help you get interested in a multitude of subjects.

Have you sometimes felt as if you had no friends at your school? 

We will not tolerate bullying, fighting or disrespect. We do everything to support meaningful relationships and help students make friends they’d been waiting for.

Do you feel you are the smartest in the class? Or do you often think that others are smarter than you?

Our classes are small groups and we make sure that students are a good fit. Everyone gets enough attention. Your input won’t be ignored!

Are your parents constantly moving from place to place, and you have to switch schools?

This is finally over! Wherever your parents are, you can continue to study with us.

Latest news

The school year started on 6 September. We have two more slots available for the current academic year. See Admissions to learn more about applying to our school. 

Nice to meet you

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