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It's like home schooling - but with a team of super-teachers and an opportunity to meet international students from all over the world!

Your child will study at home and four times a year will travel to France to learn in person from Le Sallay’s teachers and socialize with new friends.

We are an inclusive school and glad to welcome any children who felt uncomfortable in their previous schools: neurotypical, gifted, twice-exceptional, students with diverse learning needs (ADHD, Autism spectrum, etc.).

If your child loves math they will be at home with Le Sallay. If they are afraid of mathematics, here your student will fall in love with it.

We also provide engaging instruction in the Humanities. Our Humanities Department is headed by Matthew McConnell, PhD, a graduate of Cornell University, a specialist in everything from the Middle Ages to modern pop culture.

Our advantages How our school works

We are an innovative and inclusive middle school for gifted and twice exceptional learners located in Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy, France.

We offer 3 week in-person sessions alternating with 8 week online sessions in our interactive virtual classrooms.

Our location utilizes high-end security, modern amenities, and 24/7 supervision to ensure the safety and comfort  of every student.

Our Advantages:

  • Your child will meet with like-minded peers from around the world
  • We are an inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs and twice exceptional learners
  • Engaging, small-group instruction rooted in critical thinking
  • Regular guest lectures by famous scientists, entrepreneurs, and journalists
  • Explore the historic surroundings of Burgundy

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FOR PARENTS As a parent, what do I need to know?

Our engaging, individualized approach makes Le Sallay Academy great for homeschoolers, children with diverse learning needs and gifted
Our classes will launch in September 2019, but you can sign up today to take advantage of our early birds admission offer.

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