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We have positions available in STEM, Humanities, and Languages departments.

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Our team

Faculty and Staff

Head of Humanities Department

Ph.D. from UCLA, specialist in XVIII century french history. Teacher of international programs for gifted students.

Head of Science and Math Department

Director of the Marabou educational project; organizer of educational programs on math, physics and astronomy.

Teacher of Science

Dr. Evelyn Aremu is a multidisciplinary scientist with degrees in Botany, Crop protection and Environmental Biology as well as a MBA.

Teacher of French

She holds a graduate certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy and is specialized in Foreign Language Acquisition.

Teacher of Spanish

Teacher of Spanish, French and Russian languages. Interpreter.

Teacher of History

Currently she is working on her DPhil in Archaeology at the University of Oxford.

Teacher of Math

NRU HSE Graduate in mathematics.

Teacher of Literature

Studied Semiotics and World & Comparative Literature under world-renown scholar Yuri Lotman at Tartu University.

Teacher of Russian Language and Literature

Ph.D. in Philology. Teacher of Russian and foreign literature.

Teacher of Science

Middle School Science Teacher

Diverse Learning Coordinator

Math interventionist, math co-teacher, and special education math teacher.

Teacher of Maths

MSU graduate in mechanics & math, winner of international Math Olympiads, has taught extra-curricular math to gifted kids. 

Teacher of World Literature and English Language

Cila holds a BA in English Literature from University of Pennsylvania

Lead of Academics

Worked in secondary and higher education conducting research and teaching English as Second Language.

Head Counsellor

Leader of extra-curricular activities



Sergey Kuznetsov is a prominent writer and journalist. His novels have been translated into 12 languages.


Ekaterina Kadieva is a psychologist, instructor at the Center for Systemic Family Therapy.


IT projects manager, IT strategy consultant


Executive director

Visiting Lecturers

History of mathematics and science (visiting lecturer)

A PhD in History of Science from Princeton University.

Media and Creative Writing (visiting lecturer)

A Vietnamese American nonfiction writer, journalist and short-story author who will teach Media Literacy and Creative Writing.

Interactive media (visiting lecturer)

Digital media guru, specialist in internet business strategy, audience, product and content development.

English Language and Literature (visiting lecturer)

Cornell University, Associate professor of English Language and Literature.

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