We at Le Sallay strongly condemn the war waged by the Russian government against Ukraine. We have started a number of initiatives aimed at supporting children who were displaced due to the ongoing conflict.

This is what we have been doing so far

Scholarships for children from Ukraine

We have allocated a part of our scholarship fund to provide full-tuition scholarships for children from Ukraine with the option of starting their studies this academic year. The scholarship will cover full tuition, travel costs, room and board during in-person sessions. Any child 10-14 years of age who resided in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 is eligible to apply.

Scholarships are available in all three of our schools:
  • For children who are fluent in English and are located in Europe, we have been offering a scholarship at Le Sallay Academy. NOTE: we have paused accepting applications at this time because we have received a lot of requests and need time to process them and expand our scholarship fund.
  • For English-speaking Ukrainian children who have arrived in the United States or other countries in North America, there is a scholarship at Le Sallay Discovery
  • For Russian-speaking children, we have places at Le Sallay Dialogue -- a bilingual school with instruction in Russian and English\.

The first students accepted under this program have already joined our in-person session at Chateau Le Sallay. We have recorded an interview with the mother of one of them since we believe that it is important to share first-hand accounts of the experiences of the Ukrainian refugees. You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel.

Free online classes for children displaced due to the conflict

Our team has launched a free open course for students aged 10-17. A wide range of classes including biology, math, languages, history, as well as cinema, debate and games are available online. All classes are in Russian and are open to any child from Ukraine and Russia who is currently unable to attend school.

The teachers of Le Sallay Dialogue and Marabou Educational Camp are donating their time to this project. We are committed to continuing it for as long as needed.

To learn more, visit the course website (in Russian).
A fundraising campaign to increase the number of scholarships and expand education courses for displaced children

In the past weeks, we have received a lot of applications, much more than our fund can realistically handle. We would be grateful for donations and assistance of any kind, including but not limited to

  • scholarships in the donor's name
  • direct donations
  • and any other forms of financial or information support.

Your contribution will allow us to provide more scholarships and much-needed support to Ukrainian students.

15% of the proceeds from our educational camps will go towards scholarships for Ukrainian children

As part of our efforts, we are committed to donating 15% of all proceeds received from our educational camps for children in Europe and edutainment programs at Chateau Le Sallay in France to the scholarship fund for the Ukrainian children.

Our next programs include spring and summer camps in France and Hungary, as well as two educational programs for families at Chateau Le Sallay.

Job opportunities for Ukrainian refugees

We would like to offer employment, including food and board to the refugees from Ukraine. At the moment we have two positions open at Chateau Le Sallay.

Hotel receptionist / administrative assistant

  • fluent in French
  • experience in hospitality preferred (non-managerial)
  • driver's license (Ukrainian accepted)

Technical maintenance worker

  • Experience in buildings maintenance
  • Some experience in fixing minor issues (e.g. basic electric work and / or plumbing)
  • Knowledge of modern construction technologies
  • Managerial experience, decision-making skills
  • Driving license (Ukrainian driving license accepted).

Send your resume and details to direction@lesallay.fr.