Blended Learning at School:
Well-being, Technology, Academics
Let's discuss best practices and challenges
Join us on the 26th of January 2023 for a day of virtual exchanges, sharing of the best blended learning strategies for middle school and discussions with educators and scholars.

We are a fast-growing middle school specializing in blended learning education and we look forward to sharing our expertise and learning from you!

You will be presented with a strong set of talks by the Le Sallay teachers and guest speakers and panel discussions with topics like:

  • The place of blended learning in today’s school landscape (and why “blended” is so much more than “online”)
  • Digital awareness and online safety
  • Students’ well-being and socialization in a blended learning environment
  • Online delivery of subjects that traditionally involve offline activities, like Sciences
  • Teacher to teacher: Challenges of blended learning.
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Conference Speakers
Dr. Neelam Parmar
Director of Digital Learning and Education for Asia International School Limited (AISL).
We’re delighted to confirm Dr Neelam Parmar as a keynote speaker with a presentation on the changing landscape of middle school education, the rise of blended learning and the trends and possible shapes it can take in the future.

Dr. Neelam Parmar is an award-winning professional, international researcher, author, thought leader, and speaker on the use of educational technology, digital pedagogy, and innovative curriculum within education.

A highly experienced leader in Digital Education, Neelam has engaged with the UK Department of Education (DfE) EdTech Leadership Group, national EdTech Impact workshops, and The @womenEd_Tech movement. She is also a judge for the globally renowned Bett Awards Show.
Dr. Melinda Rice
Head of Humanities at Le Sallay Academy
Ph.D. in History from UCLA, BA in History from the Seattle University. Prior to joining Le Sallay, Melinda taught at the University of Mississippi. She has years of experience working with gifted students including at Duke University’s Talent Identification Program for middle school students in India and at Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth in Hong Kong
Matthew Gibson
Educator, teacher of foreign languages. Teachers French at Le Sallay Academy
Сompleting a Ph.D. in Film from the University of Kent, a Master of Arts in Digital Documentary from the University of Sussex. Matthew holds a PGCE in Secondary French from the University of Exeter and has been teaching Secondary French in state and independent school sectors since 2014.
Dr. Nika Oksenchuk
Head of STEM at Le Sallay Academy
Ph.D. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Didactics and Teaching Methodology. Nika has experience working in the science labs and has developed a unique skill of setting up virtual labs to teach chemistry in a blended learning setting. She is the author of several articles on teaching methodology.
Invited Participants
Digital Awareness UK
Digital Awareness was founded by Emma and Charlotte Robertson. As digital rights activists, the sisters can regularly be seen campaigning in the media, in parliament and in schools and organisations around the world to empower young people to survive and thrive online.

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