Many existing schools around the world are unable to provide:

  • an individualized approach for each student
  • a superior level of teaching
  • continuous motivation to study

We believe every child, wherever he or she lives, deserves a quality education!

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Pilot period

Our advantages How our school works

Le Sallay International Academy is an international English language boarding/distance learning school. We provide a quality combined online/offline education for children aged 10-14. We follow a new model of instruction that combines best practices from two kinds of institutions, solving the problems endemic to both.

Modular schedule:

  • 2-3 weeks of organized classroom sessions in study camps
  • 6-8 weeks of classes at home, comprised of independent work and daily group online classes with teachers

We combine the best aspects of a boarding school and home education!

  • the best teachers from around the world (as with top boarding schools)
  • family life is sustained (as with homeschooling)
  • healthy socialization monitored by child psychologist

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FOR PARENTS Our classes will launch in September 2019

But you can sign up today to take advantage of our early birds admission offer, and also confirm your intention to participate in the trial period in early 2019.

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Pilot period