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Le Sallay International Academy is an innovative independent school for children aged 10-14. We offer interactive online classes led by an international team of highly-qualified teachers fluent in virtual education. Every trimester we have a 3-week in-person session in France (or during COVID in countries open to travel and the US). Our school is quarantine-proof and we guarantee uninterrupted learning.

We are an inclusive environment for students with diverse learning needs, academically gifted, and 2e learners.  Our academically advanced curriculum and personalized learning plans help students stay motivated and challenge them to grow. To learn more about our approach to teaching please watch the Virtual Open House.

Le Sallay Academy is coming to the U.S.: we’re opening a school in America!
Enrollment to the Le Sallay Academy for the 2021-2022 school year
Le Sallay Academy's Virtual Open House

Our school is a great fit for

Students who feel disengaged in their schools

  • Our academically-rigorous programs are tailored for your child’s needs to help them rediscover the love of learning.

Middle schoolers who feel like they don’t fit in

  • We focus on socialization and include activities built to encourage meaningful relationships.

Students with diverse learning needs

  • Children with ADHD/ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as twice-exceptional (and gifted) kids, are often insufficiently supported within a "traditional" setting. Our inclusive approach includes differentiated study plans and the support of certified educators and psychologists.

Expats and travelers

  • Wherever your family is, your child can continue their studies with us. For most countries, we guarantee that our students will be able to pass their national exams.

Le Sallay’s academically rigorous program has proven particularly good for high-achieving students who need additional challenges. It also attracts children who have grown disengaged in their schools or feel like they don’t fit in, by helping them rediscover the love of learning and encouraging socialization and meaningful relationships. Providing differentiated study plans and psychological support, the Academy is a great choice for students with diverse learning needs, as well as those whose families are frequently on the move. 


How our school works

Our innovative approach combines synchronous distance learning with intensive in-person study sessions. Your child will study from home for a total of six months — but will travel to three week-long sessions in France four times a year. Distance learning includes 5-6 interactive classes a day. Each class has 3-6 students and every student has a personalized learning plan.

In-person sessions at the Chateau Le Sallay in Burgundy bring all the students together. These sessions combine classes with games and activities aimed at helping students develop their social skills. Our mentors and psychologists work with students throughout the year to oversee socio-emotional development and foster positive classroom experience.


The first on-site session of 2021 in the castle has ended

The first in-person session of the 2021-2022 academic year at Château Le Sallay, the castle which gave its name to our school, is over. This session was a big event for us, because it was the first time since spring 2020 we managed to get together in France. We had missed the chateau, and the chateau had missed us. See more>>

Le Sallay Academy is coming to the U.S.: we’re opening a school in America!

It’s true: we really are opening a Le Sallay school in the U.S. Why are we doing this? We are aware many parents living in the U.S. don’t feel comfortable sending their kids in Europe: COVID-19 travel restrictions as well as jet lag make such journeys exhausting. That’s why we’ve decided to open a campus in the U.S. See more>>

More News of Le Sallay Academy

In the News section you can find out our recent updates, news and recent publications about Academy. See more>>


As a student, why should I choose Le Sallay Academy?

Are you often bored at school?

With us, you’ll learn to enjoy learning new things. We don’t believe that people are divided into those who like to read books and those who like to solve problems: we’ll help you get interested in both.

At your school, do you have conflicts with your classmates? Have you sometimes felt as if you had no friends?

We will not tolerate bullying, fighting or disrespect. We do everything to ensure that children develop meaningful relationships and make the friends they’d been waiting for.

Do you tend to feel you are the smartest in the class? Or, on the contrary, do you often think that everybody else is smarter than you?

We conduct classes in small groups and so we can pick students for each subject who are a good fit. We also ensure that the teacher pays enough attention to all pupils. Your input won’t be ignored

Are your parents constantly moving from place to place, and you always having to switch schools?

This is finally over! Wherever your parents are, you can continue to study with us.


It's a great option for kids that don't fit in the normal schools - gifted, twice-exceptional, or just ones that need a more creative approach to learning. Attentive and knowledgeable teachers with experience in creative teaching of academically challenging subjects, small classes, and the innovative approach - blended education that mixes the convenience of online education with 3-week offline sessions in the beautiful French chateau.

Ekaterina Kotelnikova
Barcelona, Spain

We haven't regretted our choice for a second. Ilga loves Le Sallay, her teachers and classmates. She is always enthusiastic about History and Sciences, how much she has learned. And of course, we really appreciate that at this very difficult time, the Academy is doing everything to organize face-to-face sessions and give children and teachers an opportunity for real-life side-by-side collaboration.

Natalia Kats
Boston, USA

It's absolutely different type of mindset, when "adult" doesn't automatically mean "right". Open-minded and passionate - teachers? no, leaders - who are always ready to listen and really understand their students and help them to find their own unique way to love every area of knowledge and go deeper in it. They love to see the alternative opinion on the student's side and are happy to discuss it.

Maria Graciova
Cetona, Italy

So far things are working very well.  This has been a great format for my son. He appears to be engaged and enjoying what he is learning!  A positive change. We very much appreciate the individual attention and different approach to learning as that is what our kid needs! 

Diana S.
Vienna, Austria

Le Sallay has excellent teachers. We enrolled our kid during the coronavirus school closures because the “regular” school was clearly not prepared for remote learning. Ollie reports that he loves his math. It is a lot more interesting and more advanced as compared with his usual curriculum. History has been amazing and is another favorite. I appreciate that there is a broader and more cosmopolitan focus at the moment as compared to a standard US curriculum. It is important in our global society. In science, they manage to perform experiments with items readily available at home. In general, there is an active and lovely discussion in every subject and class. I have peace of mind that my child is learning. I appreciate that after an assessment process, he was placed in classes that are appropriate for his level and that his interest is sustained across a breadth of subjects.

Nadezhda Priadko

Thank you so much! Our girl couldn’t be happier. On the way back she was talking non-stop for hours. She had so much to say about the great things she did at the school and how much fun she had. Considering that the very idea of having an in-person session at a time like this seemed almost surreal, I am very impressed by your team’s dedication, all the support, and excellent organization.

Polina Vaserman
Newton, USA

Thank you! My son is full of emotions. He is already counting the days until the next on-site session… We got exactly what was promised to us. David is thoroughly enjoying all of his classes, he is motivated to learn and he loves his new friends!

Vitali Vinitski (Odessa

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