Exams & Testing

Every study year, we have a number of focal events aimed at assessing the students' learning needs.

At the end of the first in-person session, we develop a personalized learning plan that includes growth areas, subjects, and skills that the student will focus on. 

During the online sessions, students meet with their mentors and discuss their learning needs and challenges. The learning plan can be adjusted accordingly. 

At the end of each trimester, we present the parents with a detailed progress report, including:

  • a review of the progress made in meeting learning goals and developing skills;
  • academic successes and challenges;
  • overall grade in each subject.

During the trimester, parents have access to an overview of the student's grades and teachers' feedback.  

We do not prioritize standardized testing, but, upon parents' requests, we help our students to prepare for any state-mandated or international tests that they plan to take at the end of the year or when leaving middle school. 

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