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Dr. Melinda Rice
Head of Humanities Department

Melinda Rice was born in Seattle, WA where she received her bachelor’s degree in history and art history at Seattle University. After working in theater administration for several years she applied to graduate school. She received her doctorate from the University of California, Los Angeles specializing in eighteenth century French history.
She lived in France for four years while researching and writing her dissertation on the John Law Affair and the representation of economic ideas in theater. During her time in France she taught English to French university students, volunteered at a restoration project for a medieval castle and traveled throughout Europe. Prior to coming to Le Sallay she taught European history at the University of Mississippi. She has years of experience working with gifted students including two summers with Duke University’s Talent Identification Program for middle school students in India and one summer with Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth in Hong Kong. She spent last
summer teaching history to middle school students in India. She lives in Memphis, TN where she enjoys trail hiking with her dog Buddy, reading historical mysteries and traveling as much as possible.


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