Le Sallay International Academy

Find out why it is better than your current school and anywhere you’ve learned before!

At your school, do you have conflicts with your classmates? Have you sometimes felt as if you had no friends? 

We will not tolerate bullying, fighting or disrespect. We do everything to create an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, to ensure that children develop meaningful relationships and make the friends they’d been waiting for.

Are you often bored at school?

With us, you’ll learn to enjoy learning new things – in all subjects, not just the ones you already like. We don’t believe that people are divided into those who like to read books and those who like to solve problems: we’ll help you get interested in both.

Do you tend to feel you are the smartest in the class, and are bored because of this? Or, on the contrary, do you often think that everybody else is smarter than you?

We conduct classes in small groups and so we can pick students for each subject who are a good fit. We also ensure that the teacher pays enough attention to all pupils. Your input won’t be ignored!

 Are your parents constantly moving from place to place, and you always having to switch schools?

This is finally over! Wherever your parents are, you can continue to study with us.

Are you at a boarding school and really miss home?

With us, you’ll spend most of the school time at home, with only a few weeks of classes elsewhere.

You live in a small town, you’re bored by the place, and you've seen everything there a hundred times before?

Our learning camps are held in different European countries, and we always include exciting excursions to historical and natural locations in the program.

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