History Scholarship

Le Sallay Academy is pleased to announce an open call for a full-tuition scholarship available to one student aged 10-14. We accept applications from parents or legal guardians of students residing in any country who have a demonstrated interest in history and are ready to join the Le Sallay Academy starting from the 2021-22 academic year. For more details see the History Scholarship page

Other Scholarships

We have a limited number of scholarships that cover part of the annual tuition. The scholarships are available to parents who can not pay the tuition in full.

When awarding scholarships we base our decision on the best fit for the child. We expect the parents to be ready to discuss their expectations and their arguments on why do they feel that Le Sallay Academy is the best school for their child. 

We do not base our decision on:

  • Academic merit
We believe that creating merit-based or entrance test-based scholarships for 10 -12-year-old children places undue pressure on students and leads to competition between parents willing to pour resources into preparing their kids for entrance tests. When considering applications for a scholarship we do not require evidence of academic achievements. We also do not give any tests to assess academic knowledge (apart from the Egnlish test for non-native speakers). 

  • Financial need

Our international school has students from over 12 countries. The notion of high or low income can vary significantly from country to country (try comparing New York and Prague or any other two different cities). We do not require parents to submit official proof of income when considering scholarship applications.

Scholarship application procedure

  • Parents fill out an application and indicate which part of the tuition they are applying for. 
  •  We schedule a video-interview with parents to discuss why they feel that Le Sallay Academy is the best fit for their child. In some cases, the discussion can take place in writing.
  • The child is invited for a brief interview with the Academy's founders. Prospective students that reside in non-English speaking countries and are not native speakers are invited for an interview with teachers to assess their level of English. 
  • We discuss the application with our sponsors and notify the parents of the decision.
  • In the case of a successful application, we sign a contract reflecting the scholarship amount.

You can download the scholarship application in .pdf here (download will begin automatically if the download does not start please contact us). 

If you have more questions about our procedure, please contact us at

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