In Person Sessions

In-person study sessions are held in Chateau Le Sallay, a 16th-century castle converted into a four-star hotel. Le Sallay is located in the middle of a private park, near the town of Nevers (Burgundy, France, two hours away from Paris).

Having often served as the location of children's and adult educational programs, the Le Sallay hotel is fully equipped with the facilities for classes and recreation, sports, and games. The rooms for children and teachers are spacious and comfortable.

In-person sessions include

  • 5-8 lessons a day in mini-groups
  • sports and outdoor activities

  • skills development workshops, e.g. presentation skills or critical thinking

  • games, teambuilding exercises, quests, and role-playing activities developed by our team of experienced counselors

  • lectures of visiting scholars and professionals from different fields, including scientists, writers, artists, journalists, and media experts.

In-person sessions are focused on improving socialization, interpersonal communication, and emotional self-regulation. This way the Academy addresses the issues that are often ignored by regular schools. 

Every session is supervised by the school psychologist and the doctor. 

Our location utilizes high-end security, modern amenities, and 24/7 supervision to ensure the safety and comfort of every student. Parents or other visitors are not allowed to attend in-person sessions. Students can call their families during the evening hours.  

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