Le Sallay Academy's Webinar for
Agents and Education Consultants
November, 23
4 PM – 5 PM (CET)
Le Sallay International Academy offers blended learning to students aged 10-14: excellent for frequently traveling families, gifted children, those requiring more time for extracurricular activities, and students who don’t fit in or have special needs.

We welcome collaborations with education agents and consultants to help us recruit students from Europe, and invite you to an online webinar "Le Sallay Academy: it's philosophy, curriculum, and students".

You will learn about Le Sallay’s unique learning model, approaches to teaching and learning and students' socio-emotional development:

  • Blended learning - what do we blend and in what proportions?
  • Our curriculum
  • How do we ensure the emotional well-being of students
  • Admissions: timeline, scholarships, and grants
  • Working with Le Sallay Academy as an agent
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About Le Sallay Academy

Le Sallay Academy is based on a blended learning model: four in-person sessions alternate with online learning sessions. Each of the trimesters opens with a three-week in-person session during which students and teachers meet in France. Following these sessions, students spend two months learning online with their teachers and classmates. We have students from 10 European countries and the United States. Our graduates are admitted to the selective high schools of their choice.