Le Sallay International Academy

We combine the best aspects of a boarding school and home education!

 Our Advantages

The Best Teachers (Our Team)

Many teachers are reluctant to relocate to a boarding school. We can attract the best teaching talent by offering work from home, combined with several in-person sessions a year.

For teachers, three weeks of quality time at in-person sessions will allow them to establish personal contact with students, which makes online teaching more effective and enhances the motivation of students and teachers alike.

Preserved Family Relations

Like homeschooled children, our participants live at home, preserving a close family bond. However, parents do not need to seek out teachers or monitor children’s performance on their own.

A child psychologist is available for parents who need advice.

Healthy Socialization

Homeschooled children often lack social skills and do not start learning to interact with their peers until high school, which can be challenging. Children at boarding schools often struggle without frequent contact with their parents, and some are traumatized by the highly competitive environment and bullying often found in boarding schools.

Children in our program remain close to their parents while socializing both during shared online classes and in the safe and fun atmosphere of in-person sessions. A child psychologist is present to prevent bullying and keep conflicts from escalating.

In-person sessions allow children to meet their peers from all over the world and learn to respect cultural diversity.

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