Le Sallay International Academy

We believe every child, wherever he or she lives, deserves a quality education!

 Our Mission

Our programs challenge all learners to grow beyond what they believe is possible, enable them to explore widely, and empower them to delve deeper wherever their passions lead them. In our caring and compassionate environment, students discover that high expectations develop lifelong habits of excellence. With individualized guidance, pioneering practices, and continuous exploration, we prepare graduates for responsible leadership in a diverse and global community.

 Our Aims

  • Creating an inclusive atmosphere aimed at making the most of students’ abilities.
  • Helping children grow up as responsible and conscious citizens of their countries and the world.
  • Providing a high level of interest and knowledge in the arts & humanities as well as the natural sciences and mathematics, and developing a strong motivation to study.
  • Preparing all students for exams at the end of secondary (middle) school (ISEE, SSAT, GCSE or national analogues).

 Our Values

  • Independent thinking. Critical thought and independent reasoning grant the ability and confidence to make sound decisions without reference to groupthink.
  • Self-reflection. There are many definitions, but perhaps the most important is the capacity to analyze your own intellectual and emotional presuppositions. We encourage students to question themselves all the time: why are my opinions like this or like that? What in my personal life or my cultural heritage determines them? How impartial am I?
  • Rhetorical Awareness. Independent thinking and self-reflection are closely related with a resistance to rhetorical manipulation. We teach students to recognize the main methods of manipulation, including the main enemy of independent thinking – uncritical group identity.
  • Diversity. Students from all over the world will attend our school, which means more diversity than any American school can offer, even the most cosmopolitan. We strive to recognize real difference where it exists, and to move students from acceptance to appreciation of that difference. Critical thinking, independent thinking and self-reflection are the tools that help them do so. 

In a nutshell: we want students to develop a love of life long learning and become independent thinkers. 

 Our Team



Sergey Kuznetsov is a prominent writer and journalist. His novels have been translated into 12 languages.


Ekaterina Kadieva is a psychologist, instructor at the Center for Systemic Family Therapy.


IT projects manager, IT strategy consultant


On-site sessions director



Teacher of Spanish, French and Russian languages. Interpreter.

History of mathematics and science (visiting lecturer)

A PhD in History of Science from Princeton University.

Media and Creative Writing (visiting lecturer)

A Vietnamese American nonfiction writer, journalist and short-story author who will teach Media Literacy and Creative Writing.

Head of Humanities Department

Ph.D. from Cornell University, specialist in Medieval Studies and English Literature.

Introduction to the Russian culture (Russian language and literature)

Ph.D. in Philology. Teacher of Russian and foreign literature.


Middle School Science Teacher

Interactive media (visiting lecturer)

Digital media guru, specialist in internet business strategy, audience, product and content development.

English Language and Literature (visiting lecturer)

Cornell University, Associate professor of English Language and Literature.

Head of Science and Math Department

Director of the Marabou educational project; organizer of educational programs on math, physics and astronomy.


Ph.D. from UCLA, specialist in XVIII century french history. Techer of international programs for gifted students.

Diverse Learning Coordinator

Math interventionist, math co-teacher, and special education math teacher.

Math teacher

MSU graduate in mechanics & math, winner of international Math Olympiads, has taught extra-curricular math to gifted kids. 

 Advisory Board

Literary critic

One of the key people in the Russian literary and publishing process.

Russian School of Mathematics

Russian School of Mathematics


Professor of Math. in the Mathematics Dept. at MIT, Cief Research Advisor / Math Track Faculty Coordinator in MIT PRIMES.

Stony Brook University, NY / Sigma Camp
Professor, Department of Mathematics, Stony Brook, PhD in Math from Yale University
SchoolNova, Stony Brook, NY

Principal of SchoolNova, Stony Brook, NY.

Co-Founder of GOODdler

A serial entrepreneur, social innovator, and philanthropist

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