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PhD Angélique Aristondo
Teacher of French

Angélique Aristondo is from Bourges, a lovely town close to Le Sallay in France. She recently completed her Ph.D. in French Studies at the City University of New York. Her dissertation deals with the impact of the First World War on the writing of romantic love, consent, and gender-based violence in French narratives from 1914 until 1956. Recent and forthcoming publications have appeared in French Cultural Studies, French Studies, and Interdisciplinary Humanities

Angélique also holds a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy and is specialized in Foreign Language Acquisition. She has taught the French and Francophone language, literature, and cultures since 2012. Her previous teaching appointments include the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. Angélique nurtures a special interest in teaching through images and curatorial practices and has written pieces about some of the student-centered activities she implements in her courses, such as visual analysis, creative writing, collaborative analysis of poems and comics, hands-on digital projects, and more. Some of these pieces can be found on Language Pedagogy@CUNY, the website she created and ran until 2020. She is committed to help her students gain confidence and build their voice in French in online and in-person environments alike.


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